Dental Services

Numerous dental services are provided from our Implantologists, Periodontist, Dental Surgeons and Dentists in our facilities.


Although the dental equipment of a dental office does not always determine the quality of its’ dental care by itself, nevertheless when a clinic has the latest technology equipment in combination with the scientific knowledge, expertise and ethics of the dental professionals who use these implements, then this can be used as a perfect tool to succeed in every dental challenge and to maintain the best results in long term basis.

Having the same belief by ourselves, except the 3 independent, contemporary dental chairs which occupy separately 3 different dental rooms, we also provide our patients with the following:


1) Dental diode laser:

It is used very often in periodontal treatments, for the sterilization of the gums, as well as in the majority of soft tissue surgeries, where it outweighs over the classical surgical technique, because of lack of intraoral sutures and bleeding. Thereby, laser application is very helpful for frenectomies, dental implant second stage procedure, bleeding control, aphthae and oral ulcer’s therapies but also can be used in root canal treatments and finally in teeth whitening with amazing and impressive results.


2) Digital radiography:

It is the evolution of common old radiography and has more advantages in comparison with it, not only because of much less harmful radiation ( almost zero), but also because of giving images with much better clarity and resolution and thus improved x rays with developed depiction. The electronic form of these x rays gives the dentist the ability to process them digitally in many ways, which is a valuable diagnostic tool.


3) Intraoral digital camera:

A specially designed camera which is inserted into the patient’s mouth to produce videos or to take pictures of distal, inaccessible areas, which is presented to him live. A superb diagnostic helpful means which also contributes to the patient’s better understanding of his dental problems.


4) Intraoral digital scanner:

Latest technology 3D scanner for imprinting digital 3 dimensional dental models of excellent analysis and accuracy.


Are you tired of the difficult procedure of taking impressions in your mouth, causing nausea or discomfort?
Now, this belongs to the past, since in our clinic all the prosthetic reconstructions (crowns, bridges)- simple or complex ones- are made with the help of a special 3D digital scanner, which is using a small intraoral digital camera to create a 3D model of the teeth. This model when finished,is directly forwarded to the dental laboratory electronically, for the manufacturing of the prosthetic work.



Preventive fillings that are applied without the removal of any dental substance to the permanent teeth of children for the avoidance of possible future dental caries attack.



Use of special fluoride  gel for coating the teeth (deciduous and permanent ones) of children, in order to strengthen the enamel for protection from caries.


Mouth-teeth pain diagnosis, teeth cleaning, fillings, root canal therapies, prosthetic reconstructions (crowns, bridges, full/partial dentures), teeth extractions, diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders (teeth grinding, bruxism, clicking).


It is the field of Dentistry which involves the reconstruction of several dental prostheses, either for treating destroyed teeth or replacing the missing ones.


Dental Crowns:

They are very well known in prosthetic dentistry as they provide solution for destroyed or fractured teeth by drilling and minimizing the size of them and later covering them with the appropriate crown, which will have the desired shape and colour. In cases of missing tooth or teeth multiple crowns are made for the reconstruction of a dental bridge. Their material is porcelain or zirconium.

Dental Bridge:

It is the most common way of replacing missing teeth, by reconstructing dental crowns on the supporting bordering ones. These crowns are bonded as one unit with the artificial teeth, which replace the missing ones.



It takes place at the clinic with the use of diode laser, where in a short period of time, the results are made successfully obvious in comparison with any other means of whitening.



It is the most impressive aesthetic part of dentistry, which is used by many famous people.  Very thin layers of porcelain are applied permanently to the outer surface of the teeth, giving the desired shape, colour, size and position , entirely changing each person’s smile.


Inlays- Onlays:

These are the ceramic fillings, which are manufactured in the laboratory after taking dental impressions, and are preferred over the common resin fillings to extended loss of dental substance. They have the advantage of better application, durability, and natural appearance.


Surgical extractions of impacted wisdom teeth and roots,apicectomies, cyst and periapical lesion removal, surgical placement of dental implants, bone regeneration techniques (surgical creation of new supportive jaw bone).


In our dental clinic you will also find services exclusively in the field of Periodontology from our specialized Periodontist Dr. Kyriaki Ypsilanti.
Treatments of gingivitis, of chronic or acute periodontal disease, dental implants, gum grafts or bone regeneration techniques and generally surgeries of the gums and jaw bone are some of these services.
(see section PERIODONTOLOGY)


It is the permanent restoration of missing teeth with surgical placement of dental implants which are made of titanium. They act as new «artificial» roots, onto which isolated teeth, bridges or whole dentures can be supported. The procedure is painless, under topical anaesthesia and is applied by our specialized surgeons.